Tuesday, June 25, 2024


At NEWTECH 3, we have taken our expertise in wire harness manufacturing and transformed it into a successful, service oriented quick turn manufacturing organization focused on providing top quality products on time at a reasonable cost.

Over 25 years in the business

NEWTECH 3 was started in 1984 serving the automotive and RV aftermarket. Since then we have expanded to a broad range of markets and products while still retaining our core competencies and commitment to being a quality leader. Click the links below to see a couple examples of our work:

NEWTECH 3 is a leader in prototyping and small to medium runs of any complexity.

Our capabilities

  • Wire Harness manufacturing of any size & configuration
  • Conformal Coating
  • Quick & Cost Effective Prototyping
  • Any required testing from sampling to 100% functional
  • Harness Rework and Re-configuration
  • Advanced Product Quality Planning
  • IMDS Submission
  • Harness Design & Reverse Engineering
  • Committed Support Through the Life of Program

At NEWTECH 3 our facility is designed for quick changeover and multiple work station functionality.

  • Currently 30,000 sq. ft. available

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