Tuesday, June 25, 2024

Are you using valuable engineering resources, building your own prototypes?

NEWTECH 3 has over 50 years of combined wire harness design and assembly experience. These skilled professionals are masters of the art of wiring harness assembly and manufacturing. We can assist your engineering teams in the development of your wire harness projects and save your valuable resources.


Are you forced to order production parts without adequate time to test and optimize your design?

NEWTECH 3's prototyping provides you with a platform to test and optimize your wire harness and circuit board designs prior to production runs, often resulting in considerable cost savings.

Are you waiting weeks or months for delivery of prototypes from your current supplier?

NEWTECH 3 manages all of our manufacturing and prototyping locally and we have personnel focused on short-run and prototyping operations. This allows us to respond quickly to your needs and meet your delivery targets.

Are you forced to work with multiple suppliers to develop your wire harness, cable assembly and/or control panel prototypes?

Our local resources respond quickly and work closely with you, your team, and your project to help you optimize the form, fit and function of your harness or cable assembly. We work hard to help identify opportunities for cost reduction, application enhancement and performance improvements while maintaining top quality products. Working as partners in your projects, NEWTECH 3 helps build better wire harnesses, cable assemblies or circuit boards which results in reduced production cost and improved product reliability - all from a single source!


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