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Purchase Order

Terms and Conditions


Newtech 3 has established a Quality Management System based upon the ISO/TS16949 Automotive requirements. This Standard requires that we monitor the performance of our suppliers and perform supplier development with the goal of supplier conformity with this Standard. Conformity with ISO9001:2008 is the first step in achieving this goal.


  • Supplier is required to notify NEWTECH 3 of any change of quality system registration.
  • All Liquidated damages shall be recovered per U.C.C. 2-178.
  • Supplier is required to maintain 100% on time delivery.
  • The purchase order is to be considered the legal contract between the supplier and NEWTECH 3, all previous correspondence, and/or quotes do not supersede the requirements of the purchase order.
  • If the supplier does not send a confirmation of the purchase order back, it is understood that the price on the purchase order is valid and Newtech 3 will only pay the price listed on the purchase order or lower.
  • Any sorting, and/or rework performed at NEWTECH 3 will be conducted by supplier quality personnel, or, if opted by the supplier, by NEWTECH 3 personnel and charged back to the supplier at the actual burdened labor rate for the NEWTECH 3 personnel involved.
  • Supplier is required to respond to corrective action requests within 48 hours with short term containment and within 14 days with long term containment.
  • Supplier is responsible for the product until it is received and approved at NEWTECH 3, unless otherwise agreed upon and noted on the purchase order. If terms are FOB Ship Point, NEWTECH 3 is responsible to pay freight and to collect insurance money from the carrier if damage is caused by the carrier. The supplier is responsible for damage due to improper packaging, or shipments not received by NEWTECH 3.
  • This purchase order does not imply any level of future purchasing commitment beyond what is clearly stated on the purchase order.
  • The supplier is required to maintain a system that meets all federal, state and local laws relative to safety, environmental, and labor.
  • Initial shipments must include all relative MSDS sheets.
  • PPAP is not required unless otherwise stated on the purchase order for all production components.
  • Supplier will be responsible for any warranty issues that arises from poor workmanship, material issues, and/or processing issues for a period of ten (10) years.
  • No substitutions are acceptable without the written permission of NEWTECH 3 purchasing.
  • Any action taken to fulfill a NEWTECH 3 order will be considered an acceptance of these terms and conditions.